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Our Approach
Our Focus
Databases are one the most important elements in the applications development process bridging the gap between all aspects of a strong application architecture and design.
Many organizations compromise the development of well designed database by taking short cuts and neglecting the importance of 
having a DBA or a team that specializes in data designs. 
CSSI can bridge that gap by providing experienced personnel in database design. Whether your business needs are for an application
database, data warehouse/ business intelligence or for stand alone databases, our team can help. We follow a robust lifecycle for database
design and implementation that ensures data integrity with a flexible and accurate data management. 

We are skilled in developing relational, multidimensional  and hierarchical databases.   

 Our skills:

Full understanding, analysis and documentation of the Business Rules
Data modeling - independent of DBMS (logical Entity Relationship Diagrams and data normalization)
Selection and Implementation of suitable DBMS
Creation of physical models
Creation of data structures
Denormalization and creation of data warehouses and data marts
Implementation Interfaces with Data warehouses like SAP's BIW
Data conversions and transformation
Creation and integration with multidimensional database structures







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