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Corporate Software Solutions

CSSI serves prominent Fortune 500, small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. We help our customers achieve real, tangible value by delivering solutions that enable them to better serve their customers, collaborate with their partners and vendors, and improve internal efficiencies.

Our experience of over 20 years in management and development enables us to deliver solutions to many industries. Our customers have utilized our services for

HR/Personnel services applications
ERP product development
Retail manufacturing and support applications
Online Banking and Investment applications
Gaming/ Gambling
Transportation/ Trucking/ Movers
Real Estate

A brief list of customers that our team has worked with:

Federal Home Loan Bank - Boston

IBT - Currently State Street Bank

Winter Wyman


Specialty Vehicles, Inc.
Northeast Credit Union
Fidelity Investments
Cisco Systems
Information Resources, Inc.
Plainridge Race Course
Proctor & Gamble
RJR Nabisco
Johnson & Johnson
WSA Trucking
Northeastern University
Bristol County Realty





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